There are three great reasons to order Birch Island Lake merchandise:

1 – It’s fun!

2 – You’ll be a walking billboard for our wonderful lake.

3 – Your purchase supports the Water Quality fund

Oh – and maybe there’s a number 4: It makes it easy to decide what to wear at the cabin!

Click below to explore our Birch Island Lake Collection Shop where you’ll find apparel (caps, t-shirts, sweatshirts in many sizes and options), and home goods (mugs, tumblers, tote bags). Happy Shopping!

Visit our Birch Island Lake Collection Shop

Visit our Birch Island Lake Collection Shop

Birch Island Lake Collection

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I buy anything in person or is it all online?

Because this is an “on-demand” shop, nothing is produced until you order it.

I see how to change products, and size, but how do I choose a color?

Scroll down. You’ll see all the product options with the colors available (there are LOTS). Put the color you’d like in the open comment box. Use the exact color (for example, the hoodie comes in 49 colors and 8 or them are some kind of blue. If you aren’t specific you won’t get the “blue” you want).

How does my purchase benefit the Water Quality Fund? 

Our delightful shop owner, Nikki, has offered to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Water Quality Fund. So the more you buy, the better it is for the lake!

How long does it take to get my merchandise?

Depends on where you have it sent. Typical delivery is 10 to 15 days.

Are custom designs available?

It’s worth asking! Send an email to and we’ll find out for you. Or email Nikki, our shop owner, directly.