County & State Resources

There are three jurisdictions you may encounter as a Birch Island Lake homeowner. 

The first is your Township. You are either in Scott or Jackson township.  Things you might contact the township for: your taxes or to find out where the closest fire department is located.

Next is Burnett County. Many local services are managed/administered by the county. Explore the directory of departments to understand all the county does for its residents. 

At the state level, you’re most common interaction will be with the WI Department of Natural Resources for fishing and hunting licenses, boating regulations, and more. 

Need a driver’s license, a local voting location or any of thousands of additional questions? Like what the state domesticated animal is (spoiler: it’s a cow), the state bird (robin), dairy product (if you don’t know it’s cheese you haven’t been paying attention) or the state animal (a badger, of course!)? Visit Wisconsin.Gov for all you need to know and more.