Invasive Species Grants

The Water Quality committee is working on two grant projects to prevent invasive species, in particular, Zebra Mussels, since they have been discovered in Middle & Big McKenzie Lakes.

Clean Boats Clean Waters is a 75% matching grant from the DNR to assist BILA to hire inspectors to check watercraft entering and leaving the public landing, for invasive species. BILA had a grant in 2019 for the first time. We again have a grant for 2021. Inspectors have been hired and we look to have them working by Fishing Opener in May. 

General CBCW Program information:
Summary of CBCW activity for Birch Island Lake:

APM-Aquatic Plant Management is a approximately a 50:50 grant. 
Burnett County staff conducted two lake aquatic plant surveys in the summer of 2019. An update was given at the BILA meeting in the fall of 2019. A committee was formed to help develop goals for the APM plan. The APM plan was written by County AIS staff. The plan was presented at a public meeting in spring/summer 2020 for review and comments. At the fall meeting, BILA approved the plan. The plan was submitted to and approved by the DNR. 

Here is the link to the Birch Island Lake report.

Aquatic Plant Management in Wisconsin

Invasive species presentation pdf from Spring 2018 BILA meeting:
The Invasive Species Presentation