Things to Know

Yes, anyone born on or after January 1, 1989, needs a boating permit to drive the speedboat. There are regulations regarding how far from shore you can boat, and at what speed. Don’t forget the lifejackets. Oh, so much to know. But it could save a life so be smart and spend a few minutes with this at the beginning of EVERY season. And make sure your guests know the regulations as well.

Your boat needs a license (DNR). So does your dog (check with your township).

You need a permit to burn anything more than a weiner roast (DNR) (and during high fire danger you can’t even roast a marshmallow). 

Ask your neighbors for their favorite fish fry recommendation, or which local establishment makes the best burger. Just don’t ask for their favorite fishing hole!

Yes, you DO need to stop at the Burnett Dairy for a soft serve or some fresh (the squeakier the better) cheese curds on the way to the lake. 

Looking for something fun to do on the weekend? Check the Burnett County events page for updated info.