Water Quality

The Water Quality committee collects water samples during the summer at two sites (north basin and deep hole), and takes Secchi disk readings at four sites during the summer. Data is entered on the DNR website. Yearly reports are available online at:
Deep Hole https://dnr.wi.gov/lakes/CLMN/Station.aspx?id=073099
East Basin https://dnr.wi.gov/lakes/CLMN/Station.aspx?id=073131
North Basin https://dnr.wi.gov/lakes/CLMN/Station.aspx?id=073124
West Basin https://dnr.wi.gov/lakes/CLMN/Station.aspx?id=073130

 Below are the Water Quality reports presented at the BILA spring meetings. Water Quality Reports contain information on testing, yearly reports, grants, and links to the DNR website, and lake maps.

2019 Spring Water Quality report
2018 Spring Water Quality report