Summer Job

Birch Island Lake Association is looking for 1-2 individuals to volunteer for occasional work this summer as Clean Boat Clean Water Inspectors at the public landing.
The job is part-time, weekends and holidays. Volunteers are needed to cover when the main inspector may not be available, or if additional coverage is needed.
*The main duties of a Watercraft Inspector are to increase awareness of aquatic invasive species by sharing information about aquatic invasive species regulations, laws, and prevention steps with boaters, anglers, and other visitors to the boat landing and to help these individuals check their watercraft and equipment for aquatic plants and animals before they enter the water and after they leave the landing.
Training will be provided and inspectors need to provide their own transportation. If you are interested or know of others that would be interested, please email information/questions to Lynn Ogren at Program information can be found at 

Lynn Ogren, Water Quality Committee Member